Economy Pigeon

Economy Pigeon

Kruse's Perfection
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  • 50lb

Give your feathered friend the nutrition he needs with Kruse’s Perfection Brand Economy 13% Protein Pigeon Food! This feed is formulated with five powerful and nutritious grains and seeds, including milo, wheat, corn, Canadian peas, and Austrian peas. With 13% protein, 2.4% fat, and 3.2% fiber, your pigeon pal will have support for the energy and body condition he needs to stay healthy and happy. This feed is perfect for all life stages of pigeons, from squabs to adult birds, and even brooders. Plus, it’s great for communal outdoor bird feeders. As pet parents, you can trust that with Kruse’s Perfection Brand, you’re giving your beaked buddy the best quality feed without sacrificing affordability.

Crude Protein 13.0% (Min.)
Crude Fat 2.4% (Min.)
Crude Fiber 3.2% (Max.)
Ash 1.9% (Max.)

Whole Milo, Whole Wheat, Canadian Peas, Whole Corn, Austrian Peas

Economy Pigeon
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