Arizona Wild Bird with Black Oil Sunflower

Arizona Wild Bird with Black Oil Sunflower

Kruse's Perfection
Wild Bird
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  • 50lb

This diet supplies the nutrients needed to satisfy the requirements of adult birds in the wild

Crude Protein 10.0% (Min)
Crude Fat 3.0% (Min)
Crude Fiber 3.0% (Max)
Ash 1.0% (Max)

Milo, Millet, Recleaned Whole Wheat, Cracked Corn

Wild birds are consistently looking for food, so keep your feeders full all year round. This will ensure the birds that there is a reliable source for food and keep them coming back so you can enjoy them. Discard the old food before refilling and clean the feeders regularly to minimize mold and bacteria. Place feeders near shrubs and trees to provide cover against predators. We recommend you provide fresh, clean water for the birds to drink and clean themselves. Running water that is 3 inches deep or less is optimal for the birds to use.

Store food in a sealed bag or container in a cool, dry place.

Arizona Wild Bird with Black Oil Sunflower
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