5 things every chick should have in its diet

Apr 17, 2020

Have you just welcomed a flock of adorable baby chickens? The chicks must be fed a commercial diet packed with essential nutrients from day one. Commercial feeds from a reliable brand offers all the essential nutrients in the right proportions that the chickens need for optimal growth and production. Discover what key nutrients are needed for chicks up to 4 months old.


A soybean is a form of plant protein. When high protein soybean is blended with other ingredients, it can raise the overall protein content of the feed. Protein helps develop strong muscles and encourage growth. The protein level in the feed should be between 18% and 22% for the chicks to grow efficiently and provide energy.

Corn is a great energy source that will aid in keeping up with the rapid growth of the baby chickens experience.

3. Wheat mill run (also known as millfeed, or wheat midds) are obtained from the milling of wheat, wheat bran, wheat shorts, wheat germ or wheat flour. Wheat is high in protein, fiber, phosphorus, and amino acids, making it one of the most nutrient rich ingredients. Wheat also contains gluten which is advantageous in the making of pellets because it eliminates the need for pellet binders.

4. Coccidiostat, a type of antibiotic, is found in some chick feeds. Though not a requirement, it will help grow a healthy bird while their immune system is still developing and help prevent diseases.

5. Fat is essential for chickens. They need fat to produce energy and absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. In addition, fats are composed of smaller compounds called fatty acids which are responsible for producing healthy cells and hormones. A fat level between 2.5% and 3.5% will keep the chicks’ energy level up.

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